your life in the bigger picture

We wish we had more time. We wish we could live longer. Longevity has always been something to be desired. We design and make products to try and lengthen our lives. We write stories and make movies about what it must be like to never die. Vampires, gods. And yet, have you ever asked yourself, how long is your life in the bigger picture?


What bigger picture?


Well, that depends too. Your bigger picture is not necessarily even the biggest picture. As a Christian though, we only have one bigger picture:




That’s it. So how big is that?


Eternity. Everlasting to everlasting. Forever.


Hmmm, how many years is that? Infinity. Pretty big don’t you think?


Now let’s put that next to our lives. Think about it. How long is your life in the bigger picture?


You might think, “Right, that’s great Daniel. I feel really good about myself right now. You just told me I’m puny in the bigger scheme of things.”


I have to admit though, it’s true.


But do you know what’s also true? God loves you and cares about every detail in your life. How much so? He calls us children. That’s how much.


Crazy right?


Someone who’s infinite cares about our life when it’s like a fraction of a second compared to His perspective of time. Someone who wants a relationship with us.


Maybe that’s too much perspective to grasp. But if that’s true, how should we then live our lives? What do we make of our fraction of a second of fame? Our tiny little moment of significance?


If you’re not a Christian, maybe you don’t believe in all this anyway. But what if you’re wrong? What if there is a bigger picture?


If you are a Christian, do you really have a choice if you’ve already chosen to believe? Already chosen to be a Christian? A CHRISTian?


So then, if you believe that your life in the bigger picture is for just a moment, how should you live? Is it really worth trying to make it about yourself? At least for me, I don’t think I’ll want to make this blog about me.


(More on not always focusing on ourselves: here and here.)


I’m being serious


I really do mean that. This is going to mark a pivot point for this blog. So if you’ve been reading this blog previously, I want to say thank you. You were the handful who are a blessing. This blog needs to change though. It’s still the Steward Your Time blog, but with a particular worldview – the one described above.


My hope is that you’ll want to still read this blog. I hope it makes you think. I hope it encourages you to really live life to the full. Life is seriously short. It’s no cliche, it’s reality.


Do you have a bigger picture when it comes to your life? Is it truly the bigger picture?