Your life as a 12x12 grid

Imagine your life as a 12×12 grid. Each block is worth 10 minutes, which makes the grid add up to 24 hours or a whole day, something like this:


Each block = 10 minutes


That’s all you have. Nothing more, nothing less.


What would your typical day look like? Let’s say you sleep for 8 hours a day on average. Let’s also assume you’ve got a typical 9 hour job (8 hours plus your lunch hour):




So we’re just over two-thirds full already. How would you normally spend the rest of those blocks? Maybe add some basic things to the grid on your typical day. Things like commuting, personal care, cooking, eating, etc.:


It might look something like this:




As full as it looks, I haven’t even included everything yet. Have any daily practices in the mornings or evenings? How many blocks do you use to go shopping? Are six blocks worth watching television or series? Would you rather outsource some things for more spare blocks? Spend three blocks on learning a new skill? Do you read a lot? For every block you use to read, you could read 12 more books a year. Maybe you get paid for working overtime. Is the extra money really worth all those blocks you’ve given up?


Think about it


Maybe time would fly a lot less if we decided to be more intentional about it.


It’s never a question of, “Did you fill up your grid for the day?”, because your day will happen, whether you’ve planned it or not. Even if you didn’t intentionally schedule to use six blocks on social media, at the end of the day, those six blocks belonged to Facebook. How often are we aware of where our time is spent? I don’t mean to say that you should schedule every minute of your life, but if you’ve never really measured or even thought about it, how would you really know?


It’s one thing to say that we have priorities, and that there are things in our lives that are important to us, but in reality, that 12×12 grid probably paints a different picture. What we actually do with our life tells us and the world what is really important, not just what we say is important.


If someone or something is important to you, but there’s just no space for them or blocks available for them, then how important are they really?


If you imagined your life as a 12×12 grid, what kind of picture would that paint?