Living with Purpose – Part 1 (Case Study)

The idea of purpose has been something I’ve spent thinking about quite a lot in the last year or two. Sure, it’s something to think about at any time of your life, but for me at least, this has really been the focus lately.   There is so much to unravel here, so I might Continue Reading

Significant to me or significant to God?

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what significance is. It’s been a major focus in my thinking, as it really has a pivotal effect on how we live our life every day. The question is, are we choosing what we think is significant to God, or are we choosing what is actually Continue Reading

My struggle with reading my Bible regularly/consistently

If you’re a Christian, have you ever struggled to read your Bible regularly? Maybe you always read your Bible consistently. Maybe you find it shocking that I really struggle sometimes, but it’s true.   Do you struggle sometimes as well? I wish I could write this post and give you 15 points on how to Continue Reading

How long is your life in the bigger picture?

We wish we had more time. We wish we could live longer. Longevity has always been something to be desired. We design and make products to try and lengthen our lives. We write stories and make movies about what it must be like to never die. Vampires, gods. And yet, have you ever asked yourself, how Continue Reading