Significant to me or significant to God

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what significance is. It’s been a major focus in my thinking, as it really has a pivotal effect on how we live our life every day. The question is, are we choosing what we think is significant to God, or are we choosing what is actually significant to God?


I ask that question because it’s been the cause of some major misalignment in my understanding of what a Christian looks like in the world today. Or in the family. In the corporate environment. In your workplace.


Sometimes we think that living a life of significance must look like something particular, or we assess how we’re doing compared to other Christians we admire.


We have this terrible habit of trying to generalize what our lives might look like if it was significant, when in fact we’re in a personal relationship with a personal God.


That ‘personal’ part makes all the difference. It means we can’t really generalize significance. We may be able to speak about it at a high level, but when we each look at our lives, your significance is specific to you and my significance is significant to me.


I don’t mean that it’s all subjective. We have a common goal. A common mission. But each part in that mission will vary from person to person.


As a friend reminded me recently: as a child of God, your whole life is significant. And of course it is. How could ‘Christ in us’ be anything less than significant?


Perhaps, part of being significant is waking up to the realization that His Spirit is living within you, that you are being transformed. That we are made to see differently.


And His Spirit leads in incredible ways. Sometimes gently, sometimes boldly. But in order to measure significance, you need to know how it’s all going to end. The truth is, we don’t know what the future holds. And so we may wonder why we had to build or invest in a particular relationship with someone, to develop leadership skills in that person, only to find that, many years later, he or she ended up being a pivotal leader in the community.


You just don’t know.


But God does.


He knows all about significance. After all, He created the universe, and created you and me.


So when was the last time you asked God what is significant to Him? Or what does He think is the most significant thing for you right now?


It might be a good question to ask.