Welcome to my Resources page for almost anything. Right now it’s a little empty. I created this space on the blog because I often go digging on the internet for stuff I need in the moment. It may not be the ultimate Resources page out there, but if I can help point some of you to some much needed resources or tools, then mission accomplished!


What I’m listening to

Free Music To Download

  • If you need some music that’s legally free to download, then Noisetrade is your one stop place for music in any genre (including instrumentals). They have the option of “tipping” the artist if you’d like too. I’ve found many new artists that I now listen to. As far as music that an artist is willing to share for free goes, the quality of music here is amazing.
  • Probably a much more familiar platform to people, sometimes other users/artists let you download their uploaded tracks.


Instrumental Music You Should Buy

As a musician, let me say, it takes a lot of effort and time to produce good quality music. Just thought I’d remind you of that.

  • Tony Anderson: If you need cinematic music, please check this guy out. My brother introduced me to his music, and I’m totally hooked. You can buy his stuff on iTunes and Bandcamp. I listen to his stuff when I write or even when I’m at work sometimes to help me focus and get in the zone.



  • Your Move with Andy Stanley Podcast: I’ve listened to so much of this podcast that I’ve lost count how much. I used to listen to this whilst doing all that driving to and from site, even from where I was staying to site. I still listen to it when I’m travelling to and from work. Traffic never felt better.


Audio Books

I listen to audio books too when I commute.

  • If you sign up for free, there’s a free book you can download and listen to every month.
  • The complete audio bible. You can pick your language and version. Dramatized as well.



Stock images/photos/wallpapers



For now, that’s it. It’s meant to be a growing list of resources. Although I have a lot more that I’d love to share, I’ll have to add other items later. Hope you find something useful!