my struggle to read my bible consistently/regularly

If you’re a Christian, have you ever struggled to read your Bible regularly? Maybe you always read your Bible consistently. Maybe you find it shocking that I really struggle sometimes, but it’s true.


Do you struggle sometimes as well? I wish I could write this post and give you 15 points on how to read much more consistently and never miss a single time you ever planned on studying or meditating on God’s Word, just like any good Christian thing to do. But sometimes, I still struggle to read/study regularly when it comes to the Bible.


Despite saying this, let me say, the Bible is paramount to my relationship with God. This post is not about whether the Bible is important or not. It goes without saying for me that it is. It also goes without saying for me that you can’t just read the Bible, but study it, because reading something that doesn’t stick doesn’t help. You can’t write anything on your heart if you haven’t spent the time meditating on it, understanding it, or doing it.


The reason for this post is rather to talk about how something so important to us can be difficult to have your schedule reflect that. Just like how we neglect precisely the relationships and values we tell others are supposedly really important to us.


It sounds bizarre. We sound like crazy people.


I still prefer the mornings to read my Bible. It’s quiet. You’re starting fresh for the day, before anything hectic has been added to your day.


Sometimes though, life just takes over. I had to work late, or I was out late. I wake up late and rush out the house. What’s more, I find it’s actually quite normal. That also means I’ll find myself spending only 15 minutes quietly with God. Or sometimes, it doesn’t even happen.


Whenever that happens though, often that can start a bit of a dry period of not having that time at all, whether in the morning or evening.


Maybe for you that’s never really happened or been an issue, but I struggle with this.


Have you ever struggled like this?


But I think I’ve found the answer.


My not-so-magic formula


You have to keep on keeping on. You need to show up.


I know, sounds anti-climatic. I don’t have some special formula. Maybe there is one, but I don’t have it. And maybe, it’s not about having a secret formula.


To be consistent, it doesn’t mean having a perfect record. It’s means you’re still at it 10 years later.


Resistance in the struggle


Resistance is normal. Astronauts who spend long periods of time in space need to do resistance training. If they don’t, their bone density deteriorates over time. I won’t go into detail here, but just like the rest of our bodies, our bones adapt to how they’ve been conditioned. So resistance training is important if you still want good, strong bones when you’re older.


Our life journey is similar. The more resistance we can endure, not how much we avoid or run away from, makes us all the more stronger in our journey.


And maybe, that’s the point.


We should stop deferring our choice to carry on when the going gets tough. Keep on keeping on. It’s okay to struggle. Pride is never worth it.


Has it improved over time? Sure. And so it should. But resistance is always there, and that’s okay.


Maybe you don’t struggle with reading your Bible consistently. What’s that one thing that you do struggle with? Exercise? Managing money? Eating well? Let me know in the comments.