Living with purpose

The idea of purpose has been something I’ve spent thinking about quite a lot in the last year or two. Sure, it’s something to think about at any time of your life, but for me at least, this has really been the focus lately.


There is so much to unravel here, so I might turn this into a series of some sort, but we’ll see (Edit: yes, I’m pretty sure now that it’s a series). That said, I can’t promise the most structured post in the world, as it’s not really a strength of mine to pull that off, but I will try my best, okay? :)


Quit the generic or popular advice


Advice is so common these days that the most common advice is mostly just noise. We all seem to know what’s the right way to do things, the right way to live. We know it all. But look at how we live, and well, knowing is not quite as good as it seems.


For some reason, and I have no idea when it became like this, but it seems that you just need to say deep-sounding stuff and people will be quick to label you as a wise and deep person. And yet, in other areas of understanding, we know that in fact it is more in the ability to explain things very simply that indicates a level of depth.


So what does that have to do with purpose?


Because we get so confused, so often. We listen to anyone and everyone. Just because someone made it to The New York Times Best Sellers list, doesn’t mean that they’re speaking the truth. (I’m not against The New York Times Best Sellers, but you get the point.)


If you’re a Christian, then even more so, right? Jesus said that He’s the truth. So where do you turn to when you’re trying to find what’s true? Do you really believe Him?


Another reason for saying this, is probably because in trying to live with purpose, I’ve often gotten distracted, and tried to listen to too many people, and paid attention to the wrong things, and so on. After all, keeping things simple is so much more valuable when we’re actually applying it rather than just quoting it.


I don’t have all the answers


This post or series of posts isn’t going to be like how to guide on finding your purpose or how to live with more purpose. I want to share though about my process so, and how it’s helped me in some ways. In that way, you might find something useful or insightful too.


Consider it an ongoing case study.


I wanted to set the stage though, as I’m really a ‘no-frills’ kind of person. To be honest, I’m still exploring my purpose, and it’s been a wonderful journey so far. God has been so gracious, and so patient. I’m not intending to be too self-focused here either, as I really want this to be helpful and insightful for you. I’m intending to get as practical as I can, and as honest as possible in the posts to come. The more the better, and hopefully more helpful and insightful for you too.


I want to keep these posts in parts, partly because it’s easier for you to digest, but mainly because it’s easier for me (confession) as I’ve been really off my writing these days, and writing shorter pieces that I’ll actually post is easier than trying to write a huge one that I end up not posting at all (this has happened before).


So I hope you stick around and read on in the next few posts in the next few weeks.