Does consistency matter?

It’s been a little lonely here on my blog, I’ll admit. My posting has been as infrequent as when I was working on site. I’ve developed some sort of terrible habit of writing and even editing it, only to decide I don’t want to post it.


I’m not kidding.


I’ve got some 500-700 word drafts I’ve written and kept, only to discover I don’t want to post them. Some of them just weren’t fitting well with the rest of my content.


That said, this is worse than if I had just posted it all anyway. Why? Well because, in the end I wasn’t posting anything, and you can’t really have a blog if you don’t post anything now can you?


So here I am. I figure it will be easier to share smaller bits of writing with you guys. Maybe just a small idea. Or a simple idea that I think is also a big idea.


Something you already know


One of those ideas for me recently has been consistency. We’re so hooked on the quick fixes and shortcuts to “success”, that we miss the whole point of what “success” is.


The journey is always where success lies. It’s about who you are every day. How you live day by day. It’s more about what you make of life rather than how much you make in life. You probably know this already.


The most regrets that people admit to on their death bed are nothing to do with stuff. Nobody wants to spend their last moments with their stuff. Neither do they wish they had spent more hours working.


On their deathbeds, you and I can easily guess who they’d want.


Their loved ones.


For me, that spells relationship. So much of life is about relationship. So much meaning and significance revolves around it. And yet we continue to neglect this and later form our own regrets in life.


Again, you probably all know this already.


So what has this got to do with consistency? Well, every relationship requires it. And I don’t think I need to mention how it really matters with our eating, exercise, learning, growing, and pretty much anything else that matters.


How about beliefs? Are you a Christian? How would your life look like if you were following Jesus with more consistency?


Renewing your mind only happens when it’s combined with consistency. God already gave us the Holy Spirit to be with us always. We just need to show up. And not once in your life. We choose every day. We show up. We choose to be who God says we are. We acknowledge that we don’t always know what’s best for ourselves. We surrender, but it only makes sense if we’re willing to do it consistently. Otherwise, what’s the point of only surrendering once, and living the rest of your life differently?


Love. How do we love? How valuable is it if it’s only for a moment, and not an every day thing?


Even if you’re not a Christian, what would it mean to choose to be more consistent? Because the way you (actually) live will affect your relationships more than what you intend.


*Funny how I intended to share something small and still ended up as 500 words!